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    Casting Director /Actor Career Consultant / Audition Coach

    Using my years of experience as a Casting Director and Agent, I am here to give you the knowledge and information you need to succeed as an actor.

    • Casting Director 
    • Actor Career Consultant
    • Audition Coach 
    • Mother

    Working as a Casting Director for Disney, Nickelodeon, MTV, Fox and E! and a Theatrical Agent for the last 15 years has given me insight into "both sides" of the entertainment industry that few have seen and nothing makes me feel more fulfilled than working with actors to help them fulfill their desires, follow their hearts and achieve their dreams. Having cast shows like "Stuck in the Middle", "Haunted Hathaways", "Happyland", "Ant Farm", and "Suite Life on Deck", I have always been in the position of sourcing and finding talent and truly know what it takes. This business is tricky - there is so much information that it can feel overwhelming and scary.... but it doesn't have to be! I am here to be the bridge and share tips and tricks that will help you succeed!


    When I am not working with actors, I am spending my days with my two young boys and my husband here in Los Angeles, exercising and cooking!


    Whether it is coaching for an audition, self taping or general career guidance, I can work with you!


    Do you feel like you have nothing but information, but still have no idea what to focus on to further your career? Do you feel lost on why your headshot isn't getting any attention and why you can't get an agent? Do you get plenty of auditions but very few or no callbacks? Or, have you been steadily working for many years but feel the need to rework your brand? I can help with my various packages that suit you.


    Using my many years of casting experience, I can give you the tips and tricks that you need to know before walking into any audition room. How to present yourself, what to say and what not to say, where to look, what to wear, and so much more. I can also use this time with you to run lines and help you prepare for your big audition!


    One of my favorite things I have done in my career is work with kids that love to act and are following their dream. I have helped discover many Disney and Nickelodeon stars, and through the process, I have seen what works and what doesn't. I can work with young actors to help them reach their full potential, all while maintaining a level of satisfaction and happiness when things don't go their way. Think of it as a "Life Coach" for child actors. This can be worked into the other packages as well.


    As a mother myself, I sympathize for the parents of children who want to follow their dreams and work as an actor. It can be overwhelming and scary, but it doesn't need to be. I offer coaching sessions to parents who want to support their child without losing themselves in the meantime. I help you decide whether the risks are worth the rewards and can connect you with other parents going through similar situations.


    Many underestimate how important presence is when trying to convey their business and professional goals. Have you ever seen Shark Tank? Yes, the product is important but your pitch is what wins people over. Using my knowledge of interviewing thousands of actors over the years and working with professionals in various fields, I teach the basics of confidence, approach, and communication that will convey your expertise in your field. This is applicable to any business professional - job seekers, entrepreneurs, corporate and student presenters, public speakers, and interviewees.


    Choose which option is best for you! **Currently offering a new client special! Contact me for details**

    General Overview Package

    These are 4 hourlong sessions. You will learn everything including:


    Everything you want to know about agents and managers

    • How to get representation
    • What’s the difference between the manager’s job and the agent’s job?
    • Should you try and land a “big-time” agent or is a smaller agent better?
    • Writing a cover letter that gets noticed

    Get the inside track on unions

    • What are the various entertainment unions and how do they help you?
    • When should you join SAG?
    • How do you get your SAG card?

    Learn pro tips on headshots

    • How to get a headshot that gets you work
    • Why do some headshots get attention and others get ignored?
    • How to choose the photographer that is best for you
    • The secrets to wardrobe, makeup and hair for your headshot

    Preparing an effective resume

    • How to compose a resume
    • What to do if you don’t have any credits yet

    Acting Classes

    • Is it important to be in an acting class?
    • What kind of class is best for you?

    Putting your promo package together
    In a one-on-one session, we’ll talk about all of these things and you will be able to ask me any questions. We’ll also review your Agent/Manager submission package, (headshot, resume, submission letter). You’ll get real-world advice on how to make it the best it can be.


    Kids & Teens
    Find out what the steps are to get Kids and Teens started in the industry. What is a Coogan account and how do you set one up? How do you secure a work permit? And more.

      ​Additional Overview Package

      Th​is​​ includes everything in the general overview package plus:​


      Demo Reels

      • Should you include commercials? Plays?
      • How long should your reel be?
      • What kind of music should you use?
      • What about DVD packaging?
      • Should you put your reel online?
      • What do agents, managers and casting directors look for in a reel?
      • Getting footage for your reel, if you don’t currently have it
      • I personally watch and give notes on your reel

      Preparing a monologue

      • Help in picking out a monologue to perform for Agents and Managers—including supplying the monologues to choose from
      • A two-hour one on one coaching session guaranteed to improve your confidence in performing your monologue
      Social Media Marketing
      • How to effectively market yourself
      • Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat??
      • What NOT to do so that you won't get "unfollowed"

      A​ la Carte​ - 1/2 or 1 hour

      Audition Technique / Audition Coaching


      • ​Specific notes on auditions as they come

      • ​Last minute sessions

      • ​General audition choices - dos and donts

      • ​Insider casting director info

      **offering a new client special**​

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