#109 - Kayla and Amanda Maisonet


In our first of the PARENT/CHILD INTERVIEW SERIES, I get to interview one of my favorite actresses, the stunning and smart Kayla Maisonet!

Fans know her most recently as Georgie from the Disney hit show Stuck In the Middle and she has also appeared in various other shows like Dog With a Blog and Haunted Hathaways. I have known Kayla since she was just 12 and new to Los Angeles and have since cast her in three projects so I clearly am a huge fan! 

In this interview, I speak to both Kayla and her amazing mom Amanda all about the business and their journey. From moving to LA to follow Kayla's dream when she was just a young girl, to the roads that led to incredible success. Most importantly, we talk about what is necessary to stay grounded and healthy as a child actor, and how important it is to keep your relationships with your family and close ones #1. 

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